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Julho — 2014

11 Canned Foods You Can Serve, Proudly, With Wine



Nialls Fallon, co-owner of East Village restaurant Maiden Lane, celebrates a European tradition with his favorite canned fish-and-drink pairings.

Our appetite for canned food was whetted when we visited the year-old restaurant Maiden Lane in Manhattan’s East Village for our August issue of Traveler.  At Maiden Lane, there is no kitchen—and much of the seafood comes from family-owned canneries across Europe. ML co-owner Nialls Fallon talks us through the perfect wine pairings for all those razor clams, cockles, and anchovies.


THE CAN: Jose Gourmet Mackerel in Oil from Portugal
THE DRINK: NV Franck Peillot Montagnieu Brut from Bugey, France
“These cans were meant to travel. Take an Alpine trip with this tin and get a fresh, uplifting palate cleanse from the bright, bubbly Bugey Montagnieu from the French Alps to balance the sweet, soft mackerel meat.”


THE CAN: Jose Gourmet Sardines in Spiced Oil from Portugal
THE DRINK: Gutierrez Colosia Sangre y Trabajadero Oloroso from Jerez, Spain
“These small sardines from Portugal are packed in oil spiced with cloves and other warm spices. A rich nutty Oloroso from Gutierrez is the perfect match to hit the high spice notes.”


THE CAN: Jose Gourmet Squid in Ragout in Portugal
THE DRINK: NV Saint-Chamant Rosé Brut Champagne from Champagne, France
“These hand-packed squid in a red wine ragout sauce beg for some bubbles to cleanse your palate. The Saint-Chamant is a slightly oxidized rose champagne that elevates this tin from a light snack to a luxurious meal.”


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