Spiced Mackerel Pâté

A blue fish (mackerel) pâté at a picnic under the blue sky could certainly make for a nice way to welcome back Spring. The creamy texture and the softly spicy aroma are appealing, as are its freshness and exquisite flavor. You will no doubt have plenty of ideas as to the company, the moment and the location.

Some days nothing can step in the way of an irresistible urge!




Chinese crepe with pâté of mackerel and red pepper
Serves 4 to 6 children
Heat 25 ml of sesame oil on high heat. When it starts steaming, add 10 gr of chopped garlic and 50gr of finely sliced mushrooms. Let them simmer for 1 minute without stirring. Then, stir to cook the ones on top. Drain the mushrooms through a mesh sieve (save the liquid for a soup). Heat 25 ml more of sesame oil and do the same, now adding 75 gr of onion and 150 gr of bean sprouts. After draining, let it cool and then combine the mixture with the pâté (2 cans). Stuff the crepes and roll them (use frozen Chinese crepe batter (as needed). Fry the crepes in normal oil at 180ºC and allow the excess oil to drain off.


Mackerel Pâté with red pepper, white beans and basil, peperoncino
Serves 4 to 6 adults
Drain 1 can of white beans, rinse with clean water and let simmer in 100 ml of chicken broth. Pour the white beans onto a plate, with two chopped red chillies (peperoncino), 50 gr of fresh basil and 20 gr of olive oil. Serve with the pâté (2 cans).



Illustration Alexandre Coxo

Text Eugénio Roda

Recipes Luís Baena