Lavender Honey

Without bees, the world would not exist as we know it. Without bees, in less than half a dozen years we would no longer be alive. They are here, and we continue to stick around. But there’s more: with bee honey we can enhance vitality, health and quality of life. Honey can be made from many floral species, mixed or isolated. The production of monofloral honey is more demanding, given the shortening of the annual flowering period. The Serra de Portel forest has excellent nectariferous and pollinic conditions. In its spontaneous, wild and diversified flora, lavender is one of the abundant species. This is the certificate and the background scenario of our Lavender Honey. Bright in color, going from translucid yellow to light amber, its aroma is unmistakable. The taste, light and exquisite, almost distracts us from its incredibly powerful nutritional value.

Some breakfasts feel complete!



Illustration André da Loba

Text Eugénio Roda