Roes of Mackerel in Olive Oil

The excellence of the roes depends on the quality of the process through which they are obtained and prepared. From their extraction up to the preparation stage, competence and know-how, which result from the knowledge that combines experience and tradition, mastery and the updating of means, are required. It is only by multiplying care and precautions that one can obtain a unique flavour!

At night, the mackerel emerges to eat. One night, when it came to the surface, the shoal of fish reached its destination and began to bite molluscs and small fish. But, rapidly, the night became day. Never before had such a phenomenon been observed: only a few minutes ago, it was dark, and suddenly the morning was breaking. An eclipse, that’s what it was! From then on, the shoal began to prepare for the race, so the mackerels could get to the surface on time!



Illustration Cláudia Salgueiro

Text Eugénio Roda