Time Out Porto

June — 2011

It is Portuguese, for sure!

Adriano Casal Ribeiro spends most of his time in the skies, flying planes, but the opportunity to fly around the world never deterred his passion for Portuguese products. On the contrary. While he was living in Macao, he felt the typical longing to eat Portuguese food. Instead of just giving suggestions to his friends working in the field, he realised that the problem concerning the image of national products abroad was that there was no image at all, so he decided to start developing the triangular cheeses and the different varieties of olive oil. He invited Luís Mendonça, a designer from Porto, and asked him to create the brand image and, in turn, Luís decided to invite 12 illustrators who would be responsible for the drawings of the different types of fish on the tins: sardines in extra virgin olive oil, octopus in olive oil and garlic, trout fillets in pickle sauce, tuna ventresca or sardine roes in olive oil. With the exception of tuna from the Azores, the cans are produced in Matosinhos, at La Gôndola.


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